Memberships run from July 1 to June 30. This is the same as the US Figure Skating Membership season.

Yes. On a monthly basis.

Membership with US Figure Skating, Entry into our Academy programming, Access to our Team Store, discounts at other facility programs and services.

Full Membership, Initial Membership, Junior Membership, Aspire Membership, Parent | Guardian Membership and Coach Membership.  We offer Membership discounts for College Students as well as Military and Service Personnel. 

You can find our Membership Portal HERE.

Yes. We are glad to have supporters and volunteers who love the ice, but may not want to skate on it!

Yes. We are always looking for ways to engage our membership, and utilize the many talents and expertise that are in our community. Just reach out and we will find a way to have you get involved.

Absolutely! It is one of our favorite things to do. Just reach out and schedule a day and time. We also have a VIRTUAL TOUR that you can navigate from our website.

Too many ways to count.  It starts with everyone all working together for the athletes. Our coaches are all collaborators, and almost everything is included in one simple, monthly tuition. You really should come and try us out!


We have 6 different teams, and there is a specific level and criteria for each. Our coaching staff will help guide your athlete and place them in the team that is the best fit for them.

It is dependent on the Academy Team.  We created our full-time teams based upon our recommendations on the number of days per week athletes at each level should train for optimal progress.  Likewise, each day’s schedule is crafted by our coaching team to ensure athletes are getting the most out of our programming for their level. Specific days per team can be found HERE.

Yes. We are extremely flexible, but feel strongly that in order to get the most out of our program consistent and regular participation is the way to go.  We have a Day Drop In rate for each Academy Team, which can be found where you register for Open Freestyle HERE.

After signing up online, paying for membership and creating an account, you will be automatically billed at the beginning of the month either via credit card or bank transfer.

In special cases, if an athlete plans on being away for a month or more during the season, they may temporarily suspend monthly billing as long as all payments are up to date and we are given at least 30 days notice.

There are no make up days as our payment structure is based upon full year participation. Time off, vacations, and sick days have all been taken into consideration when determining our price structure. We challenge you to find a fairer and more cost effective program.

Yes, there is flexibility within our Academy for private lesson time, at additional cost paid directly to the coach.  However, we believe that there is more benefit from full participation in our Academy program, which determines coaching and all aspects of an athletes training. Including private lesson time!

Our Coaching Team collaborates to structure the day’s training sessions to best meet the needs of each athletes’ training plans.  Within each team, small semi-private groups of athletes working toward similar goals are grouped together and then rotate amongst the Coaching Team.  Our Full-Time athletes at the Evolve, Elevate, Rise and High Performance levels also get pulled out to receive individual attention and coaching when our Coaches deem it necessary.  There are many benefits to this method of coaching. 

Our fully collaborative team approach breeds a positive team environment. Since all of the coaches at EESC work together, the end result is an efficient and effective training environment.  Parents do not have to worry about scheduling individual coaches, who to make their check out to, or scheduling ice-time.  Our coaching team provides what is best for each athlete depending on the time of year and the athlete’s individual goals.

All members of our Coaching Team are available for all of our athletes. Full-Time athletes in the Evolve, Elevate, Rise and High Performance Teams will have a Lead Coach assigned to them who will be an extra layer of eyes and support.

We ensure that at least one member of our Coaching Team attends competitions that our Full-Time athletes participate in.  A member of our Coaching Team also attends competitions for our Part-Time athletes per their request.

Competition fees vary depending on the location and details of the event.  However, any additional charges for competitions are communicated and pre-approved by the parent/athlete prior to the event.

The short answer is A LOT- especially for our Full-Time Athletes!  Specific benefits included with your monthly tuition payment per team can be found HERE.

Choreography is not included in our monthly tuition.  There is a set flat-rate for any choreography done in house, billed by EESC upon completion of the program. Any outside choreographers will be invoiced directly to the athlete by the professional.  Additional choreography “touch ups” done outside of the Academy programming will be billed as a private lesson directly from the coach.

Our Full-time Evolve, Rise, Elevate, and High Performance athletes receive a team jacket as part of their tuition.  All other Academy athletes receive discounts on club swag, including team jackets. You can find our store HERE.

Most off-ice classes are included with monthly tuition. Our belief is that off-ice training is paramount to the success and health of our athletes.  We offer a wide range of classes each day.

Full-time athletes in the Evolve, Elevate, Rise and High Performance Teams can join OPEN sessions for no additional cost.  Part-time and day rate athletes will pay a discounted “members only” amount.  You can find our OPEN session weekly schedule HERE to sign up.

A link to our current schedule(s) can be found HEREWe will also be providing updates and notifications if anything changes.

Although EESC operates the entire calendar year, athletes training is seasonal. Using a periodization model, we plan training, off-ice, strength and conditioning and schedules to best prepare our athletes for their main goals.